mobile spray tanning los angeles*Our mission is to provide a luxury product at a fantastic value, while giving back to society in a positive way.

Never in a million years did I think I would be starting a mobile airbrush tanning business! After a short time, however, I realized that there’€™s nothing else I would rather be doing! I attended Penn State University, and majored in Bio Behavioral Health, because I knew I wanted to have positive impact on people’s health and wellness. It feels absolutely amazing to make someone feel great about the way they look. I got into spray tanning initially because of my desire to find a healthy way to tan myself, free of the harmful effects of tanning beds and long sun exposure.

I took my love of spray tanning and transitioned it into a company that focuses on the needs of the busy New Yorker who is looking for a convenient service that saves time. I had been spraying clients for 2 years prior to coming up with the concept of being 100% on the road, and visiting my clients anywhere. It came to me when I realized there just weren’€t enough hours in the day for me to get spray tanned. My closest friends agreed. I wanted to bring all the elements that people love about salons to my new business, but make it more accessible to people that can’€t always get to a salon when they want to.

Courtney Glo can make your body look exactly how you always envisioned it. We are able to provide contour where you need it, define your muscles, and add an overall slimming effect to your physique. Whether it is a model shoot, wedding, fitness competition, or simply your weekly up keep, we are here to help. We understand that looking good makes you feel good and what’s better than doing it in a healthy, safe, and convenient way??

*We utilize eco-cert DHL solutions and support skin cancer foundations