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Even in our modern world where people are aware of the dangers of skin cancer, people still insist on having that beautiful bronzed look, and in fact, many people consider pale skin to look bad or be unfashionable. This has led to many people continuing to make their weekly visits to a tanning salon, despite the fact that they know about the dangers associated with tanning. Still, as more information comes out about the dangers of tanning and exposure to harmful UV rays and people are starting to be more aware of this and more health conscious, many people are starting to turn to other methods to give their body the beautiful tanned look that so many of us desire. Spray tanning can give you a safe, natural looking tan that should last for weeks and can easily be reapplied when the color starts to fade or look uneven. Still, some people are still not convinced that air brush tanning is any safer than traditional tanning. There have even been reports in the media stating that spray tanning causes cancer.

However, this seems to be simply scare tactics trying to push people away from spray tanning salons. Air brush tanning involves spraying the body with a thin, even layer of a chemical known as DHA (dihydroxyacetone). DHA is a colorless and odorless sugar substance derived from glycerin that causes the amino acids in your dead skin cells to brown over a short period of time. DHA is known to be safe and non toxic and has even been approved by many health organizations around the world for use in cosmetic products and procedures. Most of the European Union member states recognize DHA as safe for human use, and the United States Food and Drug Administration and the Canadian Health Ministry have also approved its use. In addition to this, many medical organizations and associations, including the American Medical Association, the Skin Cancer Organization, the Canadian Dermatology Association, the American Academy of Dermatology, and even the American Cancer Society, recommend air brush tanning and other sunless tanning methods as a safe alternative to traditional tanning.

All of natures youth hgh the media reports which have focused on the supposed dangers of spray tanning report that DHA has the possibility of altering certain genes and DNA. However, the reports also mention that this is only possible when DHA is allowed to enter the bloodstream. This has led many scientists and doctors to determine that DHA should in no way be inhaled or ingested. Now this may sound like an issue, but in fact, most professional salons that offer air brush tanning take steps to ensure the safety of their clients. They use devices to ensure that the area where the spray tanning takes place is well ventilated, and some even provide masks or respirators to further ensure that the client is completely protected against inhaling even a small amount of the DHA that is sprayed on their skin. If you decide to buy a spray tan kit in a store to use in the comfort of your home, it is also important that you take these steps as well.

If you spray the tan on yourself in a well ventilated area and make sure to not get it in your mouth or nose, then you should be completely safe. As long as you take these small precautions, then air brush tanning can still be considered a completely safe alternative to traditional, harmful tanning. DHA cannot be absorbed into the body through the skin, and therefore cannot enter the bloodstream. Also, the research into whether or not it causes damage to body when it enters the bloodstream is still extremely inconclusive, and many prominent scientists, doctors, and researchers have refuted the evidence and still consider it to be entirely safe for external human use. In fact, DHA has been approved for cosmetic use by the United States Food and Drug Administration since 1973 and has been used in cosmetic products for over thirty years. In this time, the FDA has continued to perform hundreds of tests to determine how safe the product is, and they continue to achieve the same results allowing DHA to still be considered safe and non toxic.

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In fact, the only recommendations made by the FDA concerning DHA state that it should not be applied to the lips, eyes, or mucous membranes and that professional spray tanning salons should take steps to ensure that the area is well ventilated and that clients exposure to DHA in the air is limited as much as possible. Overall, DHA is still recommended as a safe, non toxic alternative to tanning. So if you still want that lovely tanned look, but are concerned about the health risks associated with tanning, then perhaps air brush tanning is perfect for you.