mobile spray tanning los angelesWhat is it worth to you to have a luxury high end, personalized, professional service come to you wherever you are (within Los Angeles and surrounding areas) to provide you with a fantastic tan customized for you at any time of the day or night? Our service has the ability to save you on the only restricted resource you have- TIME!

We have a simple pricing structure:

We charge a $150 flat rate per tan within Los Angeles. There is an additional surcharge to any travel outside the Central Los Angeles area.

Want to have a tanning party?

We can help organize a theme and coordinate invites to your guests! We make party planning easy for you and will come up with a discounted group pricing structure depending on the amount of guests you will have.

Hooked to our service and want to buy a package?

No problem! If you buy 3 or more sessions in one shot we have programs where we will add 1+ free tans depending on the amount you want to buy!

For EVEN MORE convenience:

We are now accepting credit cards and offering lotions and touch up products to maintain your color between tans.

Contact us now to set up your next appointment, buy a package, or have a party! You can call, email, or fill out the web form for details (in addition to reaching us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)!